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Ordering custom orthotics guide

Can’t make it to a Tend-a-foot Orthotics Lab? This quick guide should get you up and running!

Step 1: Download Measuring Form

Order Step One Our Information Form provides you with the questions that we would normally ask you as a patient in our office.

Download Measuring Form(PDF, 400KB)

Step 2: Order Your Foot Mold

Use the button on the left to order your foot mold kit for only $10 (includes shipping).

Step 3: Take Your Foot Mold

Order Step One
  • Sit Down
  • Bend your knee at 90° lining it up over your foot
  • Press your heel into the foam (Without Standing)
  • Press the ball of foot and toes into foam
  • Repeat the process for your other foot

Note: If your foot is too long for the box you may place it diagonally across the foam

Step 4: Mail Us Your Order

Order Step One
  • Fold the form and place it in the box
  • Close up the box put your return address on it and mail it to us:61 Elm St. (Danvers Square)
    Danvers, MA 01923

Note: You will receive your orthotic 10 days after we receive your mold